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So you wanna know how much it’s going to cost?

I know, this is probably the first page you’ve jumped to! I know you’re going to scroll through this pricing page and make a decision on whether or not you’ll book me, and while this page will tell you the basics when it comes to pricing, what it doesn’t tell you is how you’ll feel when you see your images up on your wall every day. It doesn’t let you touch and feel the canvases and albums and hold them in your hands.

It doesn’t explain how I work with you, to create something custom for your home, something special.

It doesn’t explain how you’ll feel when you see your images up on the big screen for the first time. how you’ll fall in love with your family all over again.

It doesn’t explain how I’ll become like a distant relative “OUR family photographer”, it also doesn’t explain how attached I get to you and your family, your kids and your pets, because honestly, I do.

It doesn’t explain how no matter what your investment is - be it $100 or $1,000 or even $10,000 - if in 5 years time, I offered you your money back in return for my photos, you wouldn’t even dream of taking it.

A page about products and pricing on my website can’t adequately express any of those things. So I guess for now, I’ll just give you the pricing.

Portrait Session is $150.

A photographic session at the location of your choice, with as many people as you desire!

I have no additional fees if you want to include grandma or 30 other people in your shoot, no extra costs if you want to shoot on a Saturday, no extra costs if you want to shoot out in the bush somewhere. it’s $150 flat.

From there it depends on what you want to purchase. I don’t believe in bundling up a bunch of stuff you don’t want, so I work with you to create the perfect package for you, which might comprise of….


Wall collections are the perfect way to tell a visual story of your family.

Our collections vary from 3 to 11 photographs, depending on the number of images you love, the space you have in your home and just what looks good and balanced.

Wall collections start from $695.00 and are by far my most popular option.


Sometimes all it takes is one image to tell your story.

Hero wall art is one amazing image which I hope will be a centerpiece for your home.

Hero Wall Art starts from $495.00 and is available in canvas, acrylic or traditionally framed finishes so that you can have the best fit for your home.


Perfect for those who don’t want something up on their walls, these are perfect for desks, bedside tables, mantles and don’t forget gifts for grandma!

They’re easy to create a collection without the need for lots of wall space to hang them.

Icetiles start from $125.00


When you have to have them all, Albums or matted prints (or a combination of both) are your best friend.

Matted print collections are perfect to add to over the years, and albums are a beautiful way of displaying your images.

A lot of my clients (especially newborn clients) will have multiple shoots of their babies first year combined into an album. I love getting to photograph your little ones 3 times throughout their first year and watch them grow!

Matted Prints start at $100.00 Albums start at $1250.00

Every human who walks into my studio is different, I don’t pretend that everyone I photograph will fit into the same cookie cutter mold. Which is why I have options for every budget.

I also insist on a pre shoot consultation session, that way we can discuss what YOU would like hanging in your home, what will fit in your budget and so I can give you the best possible experience from your photography session.

So book an appointment to come in for a consult - it’s totally obligation free, if you decide after speaking with me that I’m not the photographer for you, no hard feelings! But I do think that given the chance to have a chat, and look at my work and the products, there’s no way you’ll say no!

P.S. I also have payment plans - ask me about them, because they’re better than afterpay