Not sure where to start when it comes to family portraits? Whether you’ve never had professional family portraits taken, or its just been WAAAYYY too long, I got you covered.

STEP 1 - Get in touch

Let’s chat! Send me an email, text message, facebook message, slide into my DM’s or if you’re old school, give me a call. We can organise a time for you to come into the studio where we can have a chat about what you would like from your portrait session. (Promise I don’t bite!)

Or maybe you just want to…

Got questions? You can…

Step 2 - Come say hi!

I’ll show you some of my work and we’ll talk about what it is you would like to get out of your portrait shoot (because this is about you!).
We’ll discuss who’s being photographed, where you want to be photographed as well as what you should wear and how your pictures will end up on your walls. I’ll be able to show you the range of different options for your finished products and give you a price list which outlines the costs involved. It'll only take 20 minutes and it helps make sure everything goes smoothly and you end up with images you love!
After all that is said and done if you decide you can’t possibly live without some of my images in your home (spoiler: you can’t) we can book in a time for your Portrait Shoot.

Step 3 - My favourite part, the shoot!

The portrait shoot can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the shoot that we designed during the consult.
My aim is to capture the essence of your family, so while we might do some more traditional posed styled images, it definitely won’t be the main focus of the shoot. I want you to forget about me and my camera and think about the quality time you’re spending with your loved ones. That’s when the magic happens and I’ll be cable to create some stunning candid photographs that show the spirit of your family.

Step 4 - Both of our favourite part, showing you your images

Within the week following your portrait session you’ll come back into the studio where you’ll get to see a slideshow of the images taken, then we start the tricky part! Sorting the images into Yes, No or Maybe categories will help to determine your final portrait products.

I have a large range of canvas, acrylic and framed combinations for your walls, or if wall art doesn’t float your boat theres also a range of albums, portfolio boxes, acrylic blocks and gift prints to choose from.

By this stage you will have seen all of the different options and hopefully you should have some idea about what you would like to walk away with, but if not, I’m here to help guide you and figure out what is going to look best in your home.

There’s no minimum order and I also have payment plans available as I try to make it as easy as possible for you to take home exactly what your heart desires!

Step 5 - Your favourite part, Picking up your order

4 - 5 weeks after your viewing session I’ll let you know that your order is ready to pick up!

Now that you’re a past client, you NEVER EVER EVER have to pay for a portrait session with me again! You’ll also get a couple giftcards which I would LOVE for you to pass along to anyone you think would enjoy hanging out with me!

SKP Keen0009 copy.jpg
Incredible service and amazing pictures! Super personalised and caring service. She made me feel beautiful and relaxed throughout all of our shoots. Sam will be our photographer for life.
— Emma