Got a Giftcard? Aren't you lucky?!?

Step 1: Register your Giftcard
Register your gift card by calling 0418780009 or using this form. Once registered you will then have 6 months to redeem the value of your gift card.

Step 2: Book your consult appointment
Call Sam on 0418780009 to organise an appointment for you and your partner or family to come into the studio to discuss your options.

Step 3: Come in and have a chat
Come and visit the studio where we can sit down over a cup of tea or coffee to discuss the different options and start working together to style your shoot. Sam will provide you ideas on what to wear and location as well as options for final products so you can start thinking about what you would eventually like to take home with you.

At this consultation you will also receive a price list so you have a very clear understanding of the pricing before going ahead with your shoot.
This consult usually takes about 30 minutes and is totally obligation free. If you would like to go ahead with the shoot we can then book an appointment for your photoshoot.
The normal session fee is $100, so your giftcard will give you a photography session plus $100 towards any purchases that you wish to make. There is no minimum purchase and no obligation to buy any additional images. I’m confident that the images I create that you will want to buy and you will have an experience that you’ll be happy to tell your friends about.


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