An Open Letter to All the Mamas

I know you’ve been thinking about having family portraits taken.

I know you’ve put it off time and time again - just until you lose those last pesky 5 kilos (until those 5kgs somehow become 10 to lose..)

I know you want your family portraits to be perfect - they’ll be hanging on your walls for the whole world to see after all.

I know that when you look at the photos I’ve taken, all you will see are the lumps and the bumps and the lines around your eyes (when did they even appear?)

I know, I know, I know - I’m guilty of being you too.

But can I tell you something?

You will never get this time back.

Your kids will never be this little again. (this applies to your 17 year old just as much as it does to your newborn)

That thing your two year old does that fills your heart with joy, you’ll never know when they’ll do that for the last time, you might not even realise when it happens.

Your 16 year old has a world of opportunities in front of them, it won’t be long before they move out of home, maybe across the country or even the world, and you’ll be missing a time when you would curse them for leaving their wet towel on the floor.

Can I ask you something?

The last time you looked at a photograph of your own mother, your own grandmother, did you think to yourself “gosh Mum looks fat in that photo” or “geez Nan looks old”? Or did you look at those photos and think about how amazing these women are. About how they shaped you into the bright, smart, funny, loving human that you are today?

Do you think your kids look at photos of you and think about those 5kgs, or do they think about how it feels when you scoop them up in the biggest tightest hug that only a mum can give?

In 20, 30, 40, even 50 years time, maybe after you’re gone, and all your kids have of you are these photos, do you think they’ll care about your wrinkles? or will they think about the lifetime of smiles.

Do you know what I see when I photograph you?

I see how much you love your kids, and how much your kids love you.

I see the connection between you and your partner, those sideways looks and those inside jokes.

I see the heart and soul of your family.

I don’t see the lumps, the bumps, the lines.

I see you. I see your family in all it’s beautiful glory.

And that’s what I photograph.

So please don’t wait.

Your kids won’t stop growing because you want to lose 5kgs.

Be here, in the now and photograph your beautiful family as it is.

Because I promise you, you’ll never regret it.

Tegan & Daniel

Tegan and Daniel have been my best friends for almost 20 years now and I have photographed them and their 3 dogs numerous times over the past two decades, (including the cutest doggy calendar you’ll ever see)

They’re one of the reasons I wanted to start this project.

Each family I photographed I asked a series of questions. I wanted to find a way to raise awareness, to show those who may be silently struggling to conceive that you are not alone, and that this fight can be fought in so many different ways and to give a brief glimpse into each families journey of infertility, where it began and what is in store for their future.

446 Hawes 19 web.jpg

Is your family complete?

Not yet! Daniel and I want one beautiful child to make our family complete! We’ve always felt that we’re going to have a daughter so we tend to talk about her like it’s a sure thing. We’d be completed with a healthy happy baby of either gender though! I wanted to be a mum by 25 but with my 29th birthday nearing the goal has changed to be a mum before I’m 30!

How did your journey begin?

Our journey began a couple of months after we came home from our honeymoon. I was so sick and many doctors appointments and months later a laparoscopic surgery uncovered that I had become ill as coming off the contraceptive pill before the wedding with hopes to start our family quickly, had caused the Endometriosis I didn’t know was there to become active and spread. We kept trying to have a baby for a few years until my health had to come first and the decision was made to delay Daniels dream of being a stay at home dad. We started the process of trying to conceive again in early 2018.

what is happening in your life right now?

Right now I am just starting my second IVF cycle as we only had 1 embryo from cycle 1 that didn’t stick we need to start from the beginning in hopes for more embryos and the ability to complete frozen cycles in the future.

What’s in the future for your family?

We will continue to pray that IVF will help us grow our family and have plans to continue until we financially cannot any more. IVF has caused ongoing illness for me and my endometriosis so there may come a time when we need to decide health wise that I cannot continue any more but we’ll think about that when we need to.

561 Hawes 19 web.jpg

For the month of May I’ll be photographing families who have in the past, or are currently going through fertility treatments. click on the link below to learn more about the project and to have your family be a part of it

My Favourite Locations for Family Photoshoots in Launceston

Whenever a client comes into the studio for a pre shoot consultation, one of the things we talk about is the location. It’s always something which often stumps people so i thought I would put together a list of my favourite locations for family photoshoots in Launceston!!

The Cataract Gorge

The Gorge is a family favourite of so many local families. I prefer to shoot on the Trevallyn side of the Gorge opposed to the West Launceston side as there are is a wider range of spots suitable for portraits. (even the car park has some magical backdrops for your family portraits!)

Launceston’s City Park

The City Park is a great Family friendly spot for kids big and small. The big trees are great to sit under, climb on, or in Autumn they drop enough leaves to make a giant pile to play in!

Hardwicke Street Reserve

This hidden gem is a great spot if you want to include your furry friends in your photoshoot. The dog park has a great bush feel to it, and there’s lots of opportunity for photographing in the late afternoon light (West Launceston always has the best afternoon sun!)

Arbour Park in West Launceston

I consider Arbour Park my outdoor studio! It’s just up the hill from the studio, is dog friendly, but not super well known, so your pupper isn’t so distracted by other people. and the views overlooking the city are just a bonus!

Your House!

Sometimes the best background to your photos is your own home. It’s easy, especially if you have little ones, it’s their happy place and where they feel most comfortable. Plus I love seeing all their favourite toys!

A quick list of places which I am so excited to photograph at in the coming few weeks

  • Hollybank Forrest

  • Tamar Island Wetlands

  • Punchbowl Reserve

  • Hoblers Bridge Reserve

  • Royal Park

  • Duck Reach Power Station

I’m sure there are a million other places in Launceston and it’s surrounding suburbs to take family portraits, so let me know your favourites! I’d love to add to the list! Plus if you’ve got a great idea and want me to photograph YOUR family there, then get in touch!

Barnett Family

I photographed Sam, Adam, Lachlan and Connor at the Cataract Gorge! so much fun, so many giggles!