launceston photography studio

New Logo, New branding!

It's no secret that as well as my little photography business I also work for my Dad's company, Philip Kuruvita Photography.

I've been working along side my parents for 2 years now, with the intention that one day we would combine the two brands and I would eventually take over his empire.

While that hasn't happened yet (trust me, I can't get rid of him that easily!!) we have taken steps towards combining the brands. The first of that was a new logo! I'm still working as Images by Samantha Kuruvita, although now it's under the banner of Kuruvita Photography


SK logo 2018 A.png

Nothing else has changed, just the logo (the name has barely changed!) but I'm looking forward to being able to work more closely in the Kuruvita Photography brand!

So go have a look at Dad's website, they've been doing this WAYYYYY longer than I have (since I was born actually) and I feel very lucky that I get to learn from one of the best.