family portrait

Rachael and Lucas

Rachel and Lucas are so wonderful, they were one of the first couples I spoke to when I started on this project, and just like the Griffins, I knew that they had experienced loss and miscarriages, but I had no idea of the extent.

I’m realising a have no idea about a lot of things when it comes to fertility treatments. I had no idea what a blighted ovum was (it’s a pregnancy where a sac and plecenta grow, but a baby does not.) I’ve been on a pretty steep learning curve, speaking with these families about cycles, and IVF, PCOS, IUI, OI… there’s so many different routes which can be taken, but the overwhelming common thread I have found within every single family I’ve spoken to has been the courage they all possess.

They get up and keep on keeping on, even when it’s tough, or they have bad news. This applies to Rachael and Lucas, after 3 miscarriages they still face each day with bravery.

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Is your Family Complete?

No... only fur children so far.

(but aren’t they gorgeous?!)

How did your journey begin?

I was diagnosed at age 11 with PCOS, Endometriosis and 1 ovary. I was told not to put hope even in IVF working.

In 2015 I fell pregnant but it turned out to be a blighted ovum.

In 2016 I fell pregnant again, but the heartbeat was to slow and weak and then stopped a week after seeing it.

After this Lucas and I got every test under the sun done to figure out why but everything came back within normal range. no answers.

In 2018 I had a chemical pregnancy, found out on my birthday and lost it over the mothers day weekend.

After this we saw a pattern and tried some new meds to help but have yet to fall pregnant again yet. 

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What is happening in your life right now?

We met with Tas Ivf at the end of May to get the ball rolling on IUI before going to IVF

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What is in the future for your family?

Hopefully IUI will work otherwise we will start doing IVF in Hobart.

Even if I fall pregnant and it sticks it's going to be a high risk pregnancy with high chances of a premature birth.

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I’m currently photographing families who have in the past, or are currently going through fertility treatments. click on the link below to learn more about the project and to have your family be a part of it

Ava, Aria & Bailey

Little Chatter boxes Aria and Ava were such a delight to photograph. They were adorable, cheeky and warmed to me instantly!

Bailey was just over 3 months old at the time of our shoot and was such a trooper! full of smiles and giggles! Such a great age to photograph!

Shaw Family

Sally has been a client (and friend!) of mine for years, I photographed her youngest, Eli, when he was a newborn and when she asked me to photograph Sienna and Eli in the autumn leaves on their farm, I couldn't resist!

Unfortunately a storm the days prior to our shoot blew the piles and piles of leaves away, but we still had a beautiful day, and photographing Sienna and Eli under the big old tree on her dad's old chair was important to Sally, as her Dad sadly passed away last year.

Sally ended up with a stunning icemount, and an album which I loved so much I decided to make a second copy as a studio sample!


Mowat Family

During the school holidays, just before the weather got too cold I ventured out with Rachel, Fizz, Harry and Charlotte to the Cataract Gorge for some family portraits.

Harry and Charlotte were the most adorable, sweet children who were full of giggles! They were cheeky and definitely didn't want to snuggle each other! (but we got it out of them with a bribe or two ;) )

One thing I was certain of, was the sheer amount of love this family has for each other, and it shows through the images I was able to take during our session.

After their viewing session Rachel and Fizz ended up with this beautiful framed collection for their home, I can't wait to see it up on the wall!