An Open Letter to All the Mamas

I know you’ve been thinking about having family portraits taken.

I know you’ve put it off time and time again - just until you lose those last pesky 5 kilos (until those 5kgs somehow become 10 to lose..)

I know you want your family portraits to be perfect - they’ll be hanging on your walls for the whole world to see after all.

I know that when you look at the photos I’ve taken, all you will see are the lumps and the bumps and the lines around your eyes (when did they even appear?)

I know, I know, I know - I’m guilty of being you too.

But can I tell you something?

You will never get this time back.

Your kids will never be this little again. (this applies to your 17 year old just as much as it does to your newborn)

That thing your two year old does that fills your heart with joy, you’ll never know when they’ll do that for the last time, you might not even realise when it happens.

Your 16 year old has a world of opportunities in front of them, it won’t be long before they move out of home, maybe across the country or even the world, and you’ll be missing a time when you would curse them for leaving their wet towel on the floor.

Can I ask you something?

The last time you looked at a photograph of your own mother, your own grandmother, did you think to yourself “gosh Mum looks fat in that photo” or “geez Nan looks old”? Or did you look at those photos and think about how amazing these women are. About how they shaped you into the bright, smart, funny, loving human that you are today?

Do you think your kids look at photos of you and think about those 5kgs, or do they think about how it feels when you scoop them up in the biggest tightest hug that only a mum can give?

In 20, 30, 40, even 50 years time, maybe after you’re gone, and all your kids have of you are these photos, do you think they’ll care about your wrinkles? or will they think about the lifetime of smiles.

Do you know what I see when I photograph you?

I see how much you love your kids, and how much your kids love you.

I see the connection between you and your partner, those sideways looks and those inside jokes.

I see the heart and soul of your family.

I don’t see the lumps, the bumps, the lines.

I see you. I see your family in all it’s beautiful glory.

And that’s what I photograph.

So please don’t wait.

Your kids won’t stop growing because you want to lose 5kgs.

Be here, in the now and photograph your beautiful family as it is.

Because I promise you, you’ll never regret it.

Photographs in your Home

It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in a home help boost a childs sense of idenity and create a sense of belonging.

Each time they walk by a family photograph, which is countless times a day a message is sent

You my dear child, are important.

You matter

You have a special place in the world.

You are a part of this thing called family and we love you.

Family portraits are important. There is no doubt in my mind about this. But sometimes it’s not possible to hang a big family portrait in the living room.

Our family takes family portraits EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. and we also take individual portraits of my sister and myself (we call them our Wall Photos) and every year the current photo goes up on the wall outside our old bedrooms.

It’s a way for us to claim this space as our own, even though neither of us have lived at home for 10 years and the bedrooms have since been repurposed.


I also understand that some people may not have the ability to hang images on their walls, whether its because you have a beautiful house with a million windows or you’re renting and aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall, there are still options for your family portraits, so don’t let that stop you from having your family photographed. The space you’re living may change, but you’ll never get the chance to capture your family as it is right now again.

I should also mention that we keep your images forever. So while wall art may not be an option for your home right now, in 2 years (or 5, or 10 years) it might be, and we’ll still have your images for you to choose from. - We recently pulled images out of the archive for a client Dad photographed 20 years ago, her husband had passed away and she wanted to make a book commemorating his life. Not only did we still have the images, we were able to find them (which I think is the real miracle!)


Wanna check out the different products that are available? (including wall art?) or maybe book an appointment to discuss a portrait session for your own family

New Logo, New branding!

It's no secret that as well as my little photography business I also work for my Dad's company, Philip Kuruvita Photography.

I've been working along side my parents for 2 years now, with the intention that one day we would combine the two brands and I would eventually take over his empire.

While that hasn't happened yet (trust me, I can't get rid of him that easily!!) we have taken steps towards combining the brands. The first of that was a new logo! I'm still working as Images by Samantha Kuruvita, although now it's under the banner of Kuruvita Photography


SK logo 2018 A.png

Nothing else has changed, just the logo (the name has barely changed!) but I'm looking forward to being able to work more closely in the Kuruvita Photography brand!

So go have a look at Dad's website, they've been doing this WAYYYYY longer than I have (since I was born actually) and I feel very lucky that I get to learn from one of the best.

Thank you!!

I can’t believe the positive response I had from this new website! It’s been overwhelming!!  

And I’ve already met with some beautiful families about doing some portraits which I am so so excited about and can’t wait to get stuck into!! 

until then have a picture of the cutest light I bought the other day! I can’t wait to use it in something creative!