The Griffin Family

I was lucky enough to photograph Caitlin, Andrew, Sofia and Avery at Hollybank Forest. It was a place I’ve been wanting to photograph a family for awhile and when Caitlin came to me and suggested it for their family portraits I was so excited to head out there.

I’ve known the Griffins for a few years now, we met through mutual friends, and my Dad actually photographed Caitlin and Andrew before they were married. So I had known of their fertility struggles, but it wasn’t until I photographed their family that I learnt the full extent of what they went through.

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Is your Family Complete?

I’m super blessed to have 2 beautiful healthy daughters, Sofia who is almost 4 and Avery is 17 months old. 

Avery was the completing piece of our family! 

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How did your journey begin?

Almost 5 months into our marriage we experienced our first miscarriage - we hoped and prayed it would be the only one we would experience but unfortunately it wasn't. 

2 months later we fell pregnant again instead of excitement it was a time of fear and worry as the day we found out I had been experiencing excruciating pain for 3 days. The diagnosis was bleak, an ectopic pregnancy was not the news we wanted and I spent 2 long weeks in hospital awaiting surgery but on the day of surgery we recieved a miracle and our precious baby was right where she should be. What followed this miracle was 9 long months of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, countless hospital trips (in the end every second day I was in receiving  intravenous fluids and medication) 7 hours of induced labour and our first child Sofia Mae was here! 

We started trying for a second child 6 weeks after Sofia was born. 

6 months passed nothing. 

12 months passed nothing. 

13 months passed a miscarriage. 

14 months passed another miscarriage. 

16 months passed when I found out I was  3 weeks pregnant. I was terrified, I desperately didn't want to go through another loss but this much wanted baby was not to be and at 10 weeks I started bleeding, 3 days later a surgery was needed. 

It was devestating. 

We started fertility drugs a month later  when that failed after a few rounds we decided to have a break.

A month later and shortly before Sofia's second birthday we found out I was pregnant again and instead of fear or dread all I felt was sick, fast forward another horrendous 9 months of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and a 55 minute labour our sweet baby Avery was born. Perfect. Healthy. HERE.

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What is happening in your life right now?

Sofia is about to turn 4, she goes to early learning and is as sharp as a tack.

 Avery will be 2 at the end of the year, she has inherited her mother's attitude and definitely my craziness. 

Last year I experienced a massive health scare and I seriously mean MASSIVE. 

I am currently studying and Andrew is smashing goals at his workplace. 

What is in the future for your family?

Hopefully some pretty amazing doors to be opened!  (top secret) 

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For the month of May I’ll be photographing families who have in the past, or are currently going through fertility treatments. click on the link below to learn more about the project and to have your family be a part of it

Tegan & Daniel

Tegan and Daniel have been my best friends for almost 20 years now and I have photographed them and their 3 dogs numerous times over the past two decades, (including the cutest doggy calendar you’ll ever see)

They’re one of the reasons I wanted to start this project.

Each family I photographed I asked a series of questions. I wanted to find a way to raise awareness, to show those who may be silently struggling to conceive that you are not alone, and that this fight can be fought in so many different ways and to give a brief glimpse into each families journey of infertility, where it began and what is in store for their future.

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Is your family complete?

Not yet! Daniel and I want one beautiful child to make our family complete! We’ve always felt that we’re going to have a daughter so we tend to talk about her like it’s a sure thing. We’d be completed with a healthy happy baby of either gender though! I wanted to be a mum by 25 but with my 29th birthday nearing the goal has changed to be a mum before I’m 30!

How did your journey begin?

Our journey began a couple of months after we came home from our honeymoon. I was so sick and many doctors appointments and months later a laparoscopic surgery uncovered that I had become ill as coming off the contraceptive pill before the wedding with hopes to start our family quickly, had caused the Endometriosis I didn’t know was there to become active and spread. We kept trying to have a baby for a few years until my health had to come first and the decision was made to delay Daniels dream of being a stay at home dad. We started the process of trying to conceive again in early 2018.

what is happening in your life right now?

Right now I am just starting my second IVF cycle as we only had 1 embryo from cycle 1 that didn’t stick we need to start from the beginning in hopes for more embryos and the ability to complete frozen cycles in the future.

What’s in the future for your family?

We will continue to pray that IVF will help us grow our family and have plans to continue until we financially cannot any more. IVF has caused ongoing illness for me and my endometriosis so there may come a time when we need to decide health wise that I cannot continue any more but we’ll think about that when we need to.

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For the month of May I’ll be photographing families who have in the past, or are currently going through fertility treatments. click on the link below to learn more about the project and to have your family be a part of it

Photographs in your Home

It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in a home help boost a childs sense of idenity and create a sense of belonging.

Each time they walk by a family photograph, which is countless times a day a message is sent

You my dear child, are important.

You matter

You have a special place in the world.

You are a part of this thing called family and we love you.

Family portraits are important. There is no doubt in my mind about this. But sometimes it’s not possible to hang a big family portrait in the living room.

Our family takes family portraits EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. and we also take individual portraits of my sister and myself (we call them our Wall Photos) and every year the current photo goes up on the wall outside our old bedrooms.

It’s a way for us to claim this space as our own, even though neither of us have lived at home for 10 years and the bedrooms have since been repurposed.


I also understand that some people may not have the ability to hang images on their walls, whether its because you have a beautiful house with a million windows or you’re renting and aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall, there are still options for your family portraits, so don’t let that stop you from having your family photographed. The space you’re living may change, but you’ll never get the chance to capture your family as it is right now again.

I should also mention that we keep your images forever. So while wall art may not be an option for your home right now, in 2 years (or 5, or 10 years) it might be, and we’ll still have your images for you to choose from. - We recently pulled images out of the archive for a client Dad photographed 20 years ago, her husband had passed away and she wanted to make a book commemorating his life. Not only did we still have the images, we were able to find them (which I think is the real miracle!)


Wanna check out the different products that are available? (including wall art?) or maybe book an appointment to discuss a portrait session for your own family

Tips for including your Dogs in your Family Portraits

Oh man, Puppers are my FAVOURITE! You can usually find me sitting on the floor with a dog on my lap, no matter where I am.

My dog Zazu is a part of our family, he will forever be my first baby and even though he’s now destroyed 7 (SEVEN!!!) pairs of my shoes, I love him, and he’s a part of my family. So why would I have family portraits that didn’t include him?

117 Kuruvita 19  10in.jpg

I love it when my clients include their dogs in their portrait shoot! and while it does create another level of chaos it can be fun and the images we create, I can almost guarantee they will be some of your favourites.

In saying that, there are some things you can do to ensure the whole “kids and animals” process doesn’t become a drama!

  • BRING TREATS - I can hear your dog agreeing to this dot point already

  • Don’t try to wear them out immediately before your session. - instead, taken them for a long walk or play a few hours before hand. Trying to run your dog right before your session will only excite your dog (who will think it’s time for playing) and make them extra slobbery!

  • Be Chill - Your dog can pick up on your body language and your negative emotions if you are stressed and anxious your dog will know which can make them stressed and anxious.

  • remember, you’re asking lots of different commands of your dog. Sit here. look at me, don’t come. These are probably commands you wouldn’t normally ask of your dog all at the same time. So be patient, remember they don’t understand what’s going on or why you’re asking them to do all these things.

  • Be Patient - I have nothing else I would rather be doing than hanging out with you and your dog. I won’t stop photographing until I KNOW I’ve nailed it.

  • Dogs are like toddlers, they need breaks too! Let them run and roam around and then when we come back to them they’ll be fresh and ready to go!

Hopefully this helps! Zazu is currently chewing on my shoelace (which is on my foot) because I promised him a trip to the dog park one I finished writing this!

My Favourite Locations for Family Photoshoots in Launceston

Whenever a client comes into the studio for a pre shoot consultation, one of the things we talk about is the location. It’s always something which often stumps people so i thought I would put together a list of my favourite locations for family photoshoots in Launceston!!

The Cataract Gorge

The Gorge is a family favourite of so many local families. I prefer to shoot on the Trevallyn side of the Gorge opposed to the West Launceston side as there are is a wider range of spots suitable for portraits. (even the car park has some magical backdrops for your family portraits!)

Launceston’s City Park

The City Park is a great Family friendly spot for kids big and small. The big trees are great to sit under, climb on, or in Autumn they drop enough leaves to make a giant pile to play in!

Hardwicke Street Reserve

This hidden gem is a great spot if you want to include your furry friends in your photoshoot. The dog park has a great bush feel to it, and there’s lots of opportunity for photographing in the late afternoon light (West Launceston always has the best afternoon sun!)

Arbour Park in West Launceston

I consider Arbour Park my outdoor studio! It’s just up the hill from the studio, is dog friendly, but not super well known, so your pupper isn’t so distracted by other people. and the views overlooking the city are just a bonus!

Your House!

Sometimes the best background to your photos is your own home. It’s easy, especially if you have little ones, it’s their happy place and where they feel most comfortable. Plus I love seeing all their favourite toys!

A quick list of places which I am so excited to photograph at in the coming few weeks

  • Hollybank Forrest

  • Tamar Island Wetlands

  • Punchbowl Reserve

  • Hoblers Bridge Reserve

  • Royal Park

  • Duck Reach Power Station

I’m sure there are a million other places in Launceston and it’s surrounding suburbs to take family portraits, so let me know your favourites! I’d love to add to the list! Plus if you’ve got a great idea and want me to photograph YOUR family there, then get in touch!

Emma, Levi & Eli

Look, these guys are my best friends, so maybe I’m biased when I say they’re my favourite family to photograph. But how can you not love a family when you get referred to as “Aunty Sammy”?? I will be surrogate aunty for any children I know!

We wanted to do a shoot at the Cataract Gorge in the autum leaves so we spent ALOT of time playing!

Barnett Family

I photographed Sam, Adam, Lachlan and Connor at the Cataract Gorge! so much fun, so many giggles!

Ava, Aria & Bailey

Little Chatter boxes Aria and Ava were such a delight to photograph. They were adorable, cheeky and warmed to me instantly!

Bailey was just over 3 months old at the time of our shoot and was such a trooper! full of smiles and giggles! Such a great age to photograph!