I’m looking for families with children between the ages of 2 - 5 years old

im not gonna lie…

…kiddlets in the 2 - 5 year old range are my favourite to photograph! They’re spunky and have LOADS of personality…. maybe I’m biased because they’re basically the only age group that laugh at my jokes (and fart noises!) but I love hanging out with them.

But I noticed this morning, I have very few images of kids this age, how this is even possible? I don’t even know, but I need to fix it ASAP!!

So I’m looking for families who have some bubbly, personality filled little humans living in their house rent free.

I'm offering a handful of free portrait sessions PLUS $100 credit as my way of saying thank you, which you can use towards any images you want to purchase.

All shoots will take place in your own home, my style of photography is super relaxed, I want to meet their favourite teddy, toy, blanket, or fire engine and I also want the adults to focus on spending time with your tiny human and I'll capture some beautiful images along the way.

First step is to fill out the form, from there I'll invite you into the studio in West Launceston to have a chat so we can start planning your shoot!

I’ll show you some of my work, we’ll discuss who’s being photographed, what you should wear and if you're interested in purchasing additional images I’ll be able to show you the range of different options.

So fill out the form below to get started.